Women use vibrator for sexual satisfaction. Many vibrators for women are available like rabbit vibrator, bullet vibrator, etc


Vibrators for women? Is viberator safe to use by women?

Vibrators for women? Is viberator safe to use by women?

Vibrators for women are best to enhance the boring sexual life. It gives vibration sex. Vibrators are able to give much more intense stimulation than fingers, tongue, penis. Vibrator are perfect for external stimulation s well as internal stimulation. Vibrators are available in many shape and size, feature and textures. Vibrator's sensation are so real and intense that women can feel satisfied.

Every beginner women think about that vibrators are safe for them or not because it is powerful work on power source. If you take it as pro, vibrator are absolutely safer to use. You should know about your need and find a suitable vibrators. For beginner, beginners vibrators are there and for expert, there are lot of vibrators. Although, women should stay aware of cheaply made vibrators and low quality material vibrator. It is rigid texture, so it might be harmful. Women always go for high-grade silicone vibrators.

Types of vibrater for women in India

Types of vibrater for women in India

There are types of vibrater sex toys for women in India that are available to deliver to activate the sexual nerve ends. Different kind of vibrator is used to stimulate different kind of parts and spot in the women body. These women toys are as follow:

Bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrator India is small size viberator with powerful vibration function. Due to its size and shape, it is known as bullet vibrator. Beginner women prefer to use these 4-5 inches long female toys for their vibration sex.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrator India has rabbit like structure means these vibrator has ear like rabbit. It is also known as rampant vibrator. Rabbit vibrator is most popular female vibrator not only in India, but in all over world. It target the G-Spot simultaneously clitoris stimulation with ears.

G-Spot vibrators

Women are always searching "How to find G-Spot", because it is most pleasurable orgasm for a women. It is best vibrator for women to reach to ultimate orgasm. G-Spot vibrator are special in structure with curved tip. It directly hit the deep G-Spot in the vagina.

Clitoris vibrator

Clitoris vibrator sex toys is specialize to turn on the women. Clitoris is most sensitive and arousing spot in the women. The perfect stimulation and vibration over clitoris help women to arouse herself for a intercourse.

Remote Control Vibrator

To enhance the sex vibration play, couples use remote control vibrator. These vibrator is operated by separate remote control instead of inbuilt buttons. It is included in top ten vibrators. These vibrater sex toy are tiny, compact and silent for private fun.

Quiet Vibrators

Quiet vibrator has special motor that generate less noise. It is perfect personal vibrators for women for private masturbation. It does not create sound. Women can use it without letting know other.

Couples Toys

There are some vibrator that work for both partner. We can say couples toys as men vibrator, penis vibrator or female vibrater, personal massagers, etc.

Finger Vibrator

Finger vibrator is wore buy the user's fingers. With use of finger vibrator, women can deliver the vibration on the exact point. It is manual stimulation by the best vibrator for women. The use of finger vibrator is same like fingering, it just add level of vibration in it. Finger vibrator can give external stimulation and internal stimulation, but not satisfying penetration.

Butterfly and wearable vibrator

These female vibrators are hand free vibrator. Women have to wear it around the waist by aiming vibrator to the vagina. It can penetrate or non penetrative. It stimulate and deliver the vibration to the clitoris, vagina walls and anus tissues.

How to use vibrators for vibration sex

How to use vibrators for vibration sex

A vibration sex help a women to reach their orgasm easily. The level of vibration generated by vibrators active the nerves and arouse the women's mood sexually. First you need to know about your want, if you want vibrator for penetration, then go with G-Spot vibrator, Couple vibrator, bullet vibrator, etc. If you want vibrator for clitoris masturbation, then clitoris vibrator are best.

After selecting your vibrator. Take a comfortable position and relax yourself. Apply some drop of lubricant on the vibrator and erogenous zones. Now turn on the vibrator and set it to the slow speed. Slowly allow vibration on the clitoris first, then go for vagina. The little insertion with slow speed is enough at first. When you want more, gradually increase the vibration level and level of penetration. It is up to your body acceptance and want to enjoy it more and more.

Safety tips to use all female toys for women

Safety tips to use all female toys for women

All toys for women that are able to deliver vibration need a power source to generate level of vibration. Most of sex toys vibrators are battery operated and some of is rechargeable. You have to make sure with your vibrator that it is battery operated or rechargeable. Likewise, it is easy for you to handle it in sexual intercourse.

A high quality material is safer to the skin and o not broke easily. You must know about, which type of material is made in your vibrator. Silicone material is one of best material for vibrator.

As we know vibrator need power, means it can damage with water. Avoid the direct flow of water over vibrator. If you want to clean your best vibrator, then just wipe out. Use some wet tissues and gently clean it.